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Welcome to Kids Gardening Workshop!

Dirty Hands are Happy Hands

This is the companion website & resource for the Kids Gardening Workshop

or anyone working with children of any age

or anyone young at heart who loves to garden or wants to learn how.


The workshop covers the nuts and bolts of site location, plant choice, and safety, plus imaginative themes beyond the vegetable garden, the hard work of having fun, and resources for lesson plans, field trips, virtual field trips, and gardening in all seasons, indoors, outside, small space, any place.


This site provides the resources covered in the workshop & more.


Please feel free to use any and all materials, but if it is from another website, please acknowledge and credit their work.

Our Philosophy

Gardening isn't for everyone, but everyone can garden. If you love it, then your child/children may (MAY) love it, too. Be a role model first and foremost and let them catch your joy of being around and tending plants.


Who is old enough to garden?

  • Birth- ages 2: out with you touring, touching, smelling

  • Ages 3 - 5: out with you doing, playing

  • Ages 5 - 8: out with you doing, playing & "working"

  • Ages 8 -12: out with/without you & taking personal ownership

  • Ages 12+: on their own, with guidance & without, you'll struggle to keep up

Events & Workshops

Future Workshops/Events TBA

Master Gardener weekly workshops in Charlottesville City Schools


Ag in the City- Simms Center Park | Harrisonburg

July 22, 2016 8:00-12:00 a.m.

Vermiculture demonstration.

4-H weekly workshops in Harrisonburg City Schools



Future Events TBA


Summer = personal garden time. Future events will be listed here.

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