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Click on the following sections to download the handouts from the Kids Gardening Workshop.


Your reasons & resources  

Everyone has his or her own personal reason for wanting to garden. Know what your reason is before you get started. That is going to direct you in why you want to introduce your child to the garden. After you are clear on those reasons, you'll need to consider things about your child, your space, your resources, and more. Click here for questions to ask and answer so you'll start with a firm grounding.

Basic Steps

1-2-3 steps for getting started.

Reasons for Getting Kids in the Garden

You have personal reasons for wanting your child to get in the garden. Here are some reasons based on research and others' personal experiences.

Tips for Gardening with Kids

Lessons learned from others who have been doing this awhile.


What to watch out for.

Design Guidelines

A little design planning can save a lot of time, energy, money, and frustration. These are some guidelines.

Site Selection Basics

What to look for when choosing a site.

Tools List

Tools that will make your life easier.

Plant Suggestions

Plants list.

Activities Plus

Suggestions for things to do in the garden, out of the garden, inside, and otherwise.

Harvest Time

How to tell when something is ready to pick.


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