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Design for the Needs of the Plants

Things to consider for the plants you choose:


  • Space requirements of individual plants.

  • Mounding requirements individual plants.

  • Climbing requirements of individual plants.

  • Spreading requirements of individual plants.

  • Air & light sufficient for healthy plants.

  • Avoid monoculture beds.

  • Allow for access to interior plants without disturbing exterior plants.

Design for plants that do and don’t do well together/companion plants.


  • Asparagus & tomato, basil, parsley

  • Beans, bush: Irish potato, corn, cucumber, strawberry celery, summer savory, but NOT onion

  • Beans, pole: corn, summer savory, radish, but NOT onion, beets, kohlrabi, sunflower

  • Cabbage family: aromatic herbs, beets, celery, onion family, chamomile, spinach, chard, but NOT dill, strawberries, pole beans, tomato

  • Carrots: english pea, lettuce, rosemary, onion family, sage, tomato, but NOT dill

  • Celery: onion and cabbage families, tomato, bush beans, nasturtium

  • Corn: Irish potato, beans, english pea, pumpkin, cucumber squash but NOT tomato

  • Cucumber: beans, corn, english pea, sunflowers, radish but NOT Irish potato, aromatic herbs

  • Eggplant: beans, marigolds

  • Lettuce: carrot, radish, strawberry, cucumber

  • Onion family: beets, carrot, lettuce, cabbage family, summer savory but NOT beans, english peas

  • Parsley: tomato, asparagus

  • Pea, English: carrots, radish, turnip, cucumber, corn, beans, but NOT onion family, gladiolus, Irish potato

  • Potato, Irish: beans, corn, cabbage family, marigolds, horseradish but NOT pumpkin, squash, tomato, cucumber, sunflower

  • Pumpkins: corn marigold, but NOT Irish potato

  • Radish: english pea, nasturtium lettuce, cucumber but NOT hyssop

  • Spinach, strawberry, fava bean

  • Squash: nasturtium, corn, marigold but NOT irish potato

  • Tomato: onion family, nasturtium, marigold, asparagus, carrot, parsley, cucumber but NOT irish potato, fennel, cabbage family

  • Turnip: english pea but NOT Irish potato

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