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Welcome to the Kids Gardening Workshop! There's a lot going on in kid gardening today. Kids are in everything from natural settings to agricultural settings, big spaces, small spaces, city and country, school, library, and community places. Many even have a a pot or a plot at home. There are also more resources today than ever. It really is exciting to have so many people, organizations, and resources from which to choose. That wasn't always the case.

The Kids Gardening Workshop grew out of my love of gardening, especially with children. Early on, there were few resources, but over time, they've grown in volume and quality. There are far more available than posted on this site and I'll continue to update regularly so I get caught up with what's current. If you have something you use regularly, send me a message and I'll add it.

There are also more people gardening with kids today. I'm fortunate to be able to work with children regularly. In addition, I've created a school garden from the ground up so pulled together my resources, experiences, and that of others to share. Please feel free to use any and all of the resources on this site, but if it is linked to another website or if there are copyrights involved (graphics), please attribute, give credit, and acknowledge that work. Frequently the person who originally created the document got lost in the sharing. Other than that, take what you will. The more children we can get outside, the happier all of us will be-- parents, teachers, care-givers, our children, and the Earth.

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